Why I love “Wonder Woman”.

Some things can only be understood with your heart.



I don’t feel any great need to apologize for allowing myself to be captivated by any form of media. I remember watching the old “Adventures of Superman” TV show with awe and wonder. I didn’t understand it completely, but there was something magical about seeing and hearing that beloved opening.

“…who fights a never-ending battle for truth, justice, and the American way…” Those words were magic to me then and now.  They mean something.

And years later, when Superman was reborn in “Superman – The Movie” I had to come to terms with a terrible reality: I would never actually become Superman.  No one would.

This sounds trivial and silly.  It wasn’t trivial and silly to me. It hurt and it changed my life.

It was a hard part of growing up, of leaving behind some of my childhood.

But I never gave up on the idea of the hero, the savior, the protector.  I never will.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t actually expect anyone to magically or by using superhuman abilities to protect me.

But I do cling to the fundamental belief that there is a hero in all of us.  There is some part of us that strives to do the right thing against all odds.

And that is why I love Wonder Woman.  I’m not going to argue film technique or the particulars of what does and does not make a great film.

I’m going with my heart on this one.  And Wonder Woman made my heart sing.  It moved me to tears again and again.  It filled me with the same childish innocent joy and hope I felt when I watched George Reeves fly across the screen and save the day.

It allowed me to, without reservation or hesitation, believe that there are great, good gods in the world and they are looking out for me.

And I want to believe that.  A part of me needs to believe that.

I believe in you Diana.  I believe in you Kal-El.

I will always believe.

Wonder Woman – Why we need her right now.

DC (finally) does it right.

I feel a particularly wonderful kind of joy when the concept of selfless heroism is portrayed well in a movie.  The first time I can recall feeling this was in Star Wars when Luke grabs Leah and swings across a chasm in the Death Star.

I’ve felt it many times since. Just hearing the intro for Doctor Who (any season) sends me into a giddy, joy-filled state.  In most movies, I get to enjoy this feeling maybe once or twice.

I spent nearly the entire time watching the amazing “Wonder Woman” movie feeling this profound joy. This movie may not be perfect for everyone.  But it is perfect for me. I loved the story, the characters, the pacing, the visuals, the sound design, the music.  There’s no part of the movie that felt wrong to me. I can’t wait to see it again.

If you haven’t seen the movie, please be aware that I’m going to drop a serious spoiler next.  I’d strongly suggest you go see the movie now.  I mean RIGHT now.


We learn that Diana is no ordinary Amazon.  She is a god (or perhaps a goddess). She is the god-killer Zeus created to protect the world from Ares.

This is a critically important idea in a universe that generally disputes the very idea of supernatural beings with enough power to be called a god. In the comic book universe (or perhaps the super hero universe) super heroes have supplanted the overall purpose of gods.  The cries and pleadings of the weak and powerless go not to the gods but to Superman, Batman, Spider-man, etc.  These new gods are expected to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

And yet into this world comes a true god.  And not just any old god, but a female god. One who looks at mankind and sees the darkness and potential for great evil and does not turn away.  Diana understands her purpose. It’s not enough to simply protect the weak, imperfect creatures of the Earth.  She must also help them understand and manifest the positive, the strong, the hero in their own lives.

And this is why this message is so very important right now.  We need Wonder Woman now because we’ve become lost in an endless cycle of disappointment and betrayal. We’ve trusted our leaders to make the right decisions to turn this troubled nation around.  And they have failed time and time again.

Diana understood that doing the right thing was not something someone else could or might do.  It was what she had to do. Because she could.

We must accept the responsibility of our own future…our own destiny.  We must make our own way.  And we must begin to make our own way today.

There is a Nut Job in the White House. But it’s not Mr. Comey.

In which out idiot-in-chief embarrasses himself, the Russians, and all Americans with his middle-school mentality.


According to the NY Times, “President Trump told Russian officials in the Oval Office this month that firing the F.B.I. director, James B. Comey, had relieved “great pressure” on him.”

Trump dazzled the officials with his mastery of tact by (allegedly) saying “I just fired the head of the F.B.I. He was crazy, a real nut job,”.


He then went on to say “I faced great pressure because of Russia. That’s taken off.” and “I’m not under investigation.”

Let that sink in a moment.

Let’s recap:

  • Trump calls the former F.B.I. head “crazy” and “a real nut job”
  • Trump tells the Russians he was under great pressure
  • Trump says firing Comey relieved that pressure
  • Trump says he’s no longer under investigation.

How does any of this make sense? There’s only one scenario where it might; Trump thinks the Russians are as stupid and clueless as he is.

Somehow he thinks that the Russians don’t read, only watch Fox news, and live in Trumpland where everything Trump says is true.

One can only imagine what the Russians thought.

I have no words.


Has Rosenstein Redeemed himself?

I hope so.

MuellerWe could all use just a bit of good news. And this can only be viewed as good news. In the wake of countless Trump toadies spinning the infinite threads of deceit in the vain attempt to make Trump look something like a human, it is so refreshing for someone like Rosenstein, who had seemed to be a prime member of the Trump Toady Team, to do something so remarkable.

According to the LA Times “The Justice Department on Wednesday named a special counsel, former FBI Director Robert Mueller III, to take over the investigation of Russian meddling in the 2016 election and possible collusion between Russian agents and associates of President Trump.” Sounds like good news to me.

Mr. Mueller is that rare individual who has the trust and admiration of insiders, outsiders, Democrats, and Republicans alike. He appears to be the man who can wade through the murky waters of Washington ethical muck and remain ethically and morally unscathed.  In other words, he’s the polar opposite of Trump.

He’s known as someone who can quickly and simply move forward to get to the truth of potential Russian involvement in the election and possible Trump campaign involvement.

This is a very good thing.

We could all use a little bit of good, honest action towards either dispersing the question of Russian influence or identifying it’s particulars.

One can only hope that further attempts to delay\obstruct\obfuscate the investigation by Trump, his toadies, or the silent Republicans will be minimal.

Forgive me if I’m not optimistic regarding that last idea.

A Pretty Fair Definition of Obstruction.

Obstruction: a thing that impedes or prevents passage or progress; an obstacle or blockage.


Trump directly asked Mr. Comey to end the investigation on Flynn, according to an associate of Mr. Comeys.

That’s a pretty fair definition of obstruction. One would actually be hard pressed to state a better one.

Comey declined of course, and one can only imagine what must have been going through his mind; “Does Trump have any idea what he’s doing?”

Of course that’s the question every reasonably intelligent person has been asking for a long time. Trump has displayed none of the behaviors, principles, and attitudes that Americans expect in a President and many, if not all, of the actions of someone blindly attempting to claw their way out of a very deep hole, a hole they dug.

The House Oversight Committee has sent a letter to the F.B.I. asking for all information on any conversations between Mr. Comey and Trump. We can only hope such records exit.

As unreal and disgusting as Trump’s actions are, they aren’t really that surprising. Trump has made his ignorance, arrogance, untruthful nature, and stupidity apparent long before any vote was cast.  But the real kicker is the silence from the Republican party.

One would hope that some Republican would stand up and say “enough”.

But for the most part, there’s been silence.


Treason, Trump Style

In which Trump does something he’d most certainly condemn anyone else for, assuming he’d be able to comprehend their actions.


According to several sources, Trump “revealed highly classified information to Russian foreign minister and ambassador” which potentially “jeopardized a critical source of intelligence on the Islamic State. ”

Let that sink in for a moment. Our glorious president, in a feeble and pathetic attempt to impress actual global leaders, gave highly classified information in an offhand and casual manner as if he were talking about the size of his dick.

Yeah, that’s what happened.

One can only imagine the internal reaction of the Russian representatives to such an inappropriate and ill advised  disclosure. “Does this clown have any idea of what he’s doing?” comes to mind.

If either of these gentlemen, persons who apparently rose to their positions through hard work, sacrifice, and political savvy, rather than fear-mongering and outright lying, had leaked such Russian information, they’d almost certainly be looking forward to termination or lifetime-long vacations in a less than favorable Siberian gulag.

No so Trump.

If anyone else, federal, state employee or US citizen had made such an  irresponsible disclosure to anyone outside the small rank of those who have access to classified information, they’d be looking at long prison time.

But not our president, or as I like to think of him, our Idiot Laureate.

How does this make any sense?

I sincerely want to know how anyone can look at this type of behavior and think “Yeah, that’s ok with me.  That’s how my president should conduct is affairs.”

I simply don’t understand how Republicans in Congress and the Senate can stand by, smiling their blank, dead-eyed smiles, while this fool consistently makes them all look like individuals so mentally-challenged that their loftiest dreams involve them only riding on the short bus, not even comprehending the pinnacle of driving it.

I’m not kidding here. If you voted for Trump and if you have watched everything he’s done up to now and still think “Yeah, that’s my president.” Please, please, please tell me why? I promise, no judging, no questioning, no anything other than “Thanks very much for the input.”

I just want to understand.

New threats from our Liar in chief. UPDATED! UPDATE TO THE UPDATE!

More Trump stupidity

Trump tweet 5-12-3017

This is Trump threatening Mr. Comey with obviously contradictory documentary evidence if\when Mr. Comey “leaks” to the press any information that’s obviously going to be nothing but a bunch of “fake news”\total fabrications to the “Enemy of the people” lying bunch of liberal media fake news purveyors. I think I have that right.  It’s hard to decipher Trump’s mindless blathering.

This tweet actually provides a fascinating look inside Trump’s thinking. He’s made several statements to the effect that Mr. Comey told him on three separate occasions that the FBI was not investigating Mr. Trump. I’ll let it slide that practically everyone who knows Mr. Comey and\or is familiar with how the FBI generally works has said it’s highly unlikely\practically impossible that Mr. Comey would make any comment to anyone outside the FBI on an ongoing investigation. I’ll take Trump at his word (don’t get used to that) that Mr. Comey did in fact say that.

The insight from this tweet is that Trump thinks everyone thinks and behaves just like he does. That is to say he thinks everyone lies most of the time. And in all fairness, maybe everyone he knows does. He values loyalty above everything, even above honesty. Trump seems to put zero value in honesty at all. He’s made zero effort to be honest or even consistent with his frequent fabrications.

I don’t understand Trump. I’m happy to say I’ve never met anyone who is as uninterested in objective truth as he appears to be. But what’s even harder to understand is just how much bull shit his supporters appear to be willing to lap up.

Why? I’d really like to know why. I understand if someone voted for Trump because he spoke to their needs. But how can anyone look at his actions as president and not see him for the liar he is?  I really don’t know how anyone could.  Please explain.

I’m waiting.

MORE INFO: So now it becomes clearer on why Trump tweeted this.  It seems that various news outlets had stories with info from the “very good dinner” in January that (according to Trump) Mr. Comey requested.  These sources (more than one) said that their records show that Trump requested the dinner and that Mr. Comey was reluctant to accept the invitation.  He did as he felt he couldn’t really refuse.  Mr. Comey said after the dinner that Trump had flat out asked for his loyalty. He didn’t ask him to do a good job, to be honest, or to be fair,  He just wanted his loyalty. Mr. Comey said he couldn’t promise to be loyal but he could promise to be honest. Trump wasn’t too happy about this. And no, at no time did he tell Trump he wasn’t under investigation. Please note, the sources for this information do NOT include Mr. Comey.  Unlike Trump, he is reluctant to say anything about the dinner to the press.

Trump see the stories and immediately thinks that Mr. Comey is trying to point out Trump’s pathetic lies. So he threatens him.  The incredible irony here is that if there are “tapes” of the dinner, they would simply show Trump to be the liar that he is.  He will never release the “tapes” but will continue to refer to them as proof, just as he has with the non-existent “proof” that President Obama tapped his phones.

Think how funny this would be if the liar in question wasn’t the POTUS.

Again, I welcome any insight as to how anyone can watch this circus and continue to think Trump is anything but a pathetic, needy, liar.

Please enlighten me.

EVEN MORE INFORMATION!; Sources provide more detail about the dinner and to Mr. Comey’s reaction to Trumps threat. They say Trump specifically asked for “an oath of loyalty” from Mr. Comey. They also say that Mr. Comey has specifically said he’s not at all worried about the existence of any “tapes” of the dinner or the conversation. They say he said he’s completely comfortable with anything the “tapes” might contain.

And this goes right along with why Trump thought the existence of such “tapes” would frighten Mr. Comey. In Trump’s mind, the existence of any documentary information of any of his conversations is terrifying as he never tells the same story twice.  He’s been quoted as saying this is because he’s  “too busy to be accurate.” These are  his very words.

I’m still waiting for a Trump supporter to enlighten me how any of his actions make any sense at all.  I’m willing to listen.