Reckless Rudy and the Slippery Truth.

Rudy normal

There was one very difficult task associated with writing this piece; finding a picture of Mr. Giuliani that doesn’t make him look batshit crazy.

Clearly the full-time job of spinning outlandish lies for the carrot-faced, morbidly obese, man-baby called Trump is taking Rudy away from his first love and true calling: making funny faces for the media

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just sit back and enjoy the hilarious train wreck that is the Trump Presidency.  But we can’t as there are thousands of people who face being hurt or destroyed financially by Trump’s incompetence. Or even worse, their very lives are in danger, like the people in Puerto Rio, also known as the place that doesn’t exist (at least in Trump’s mind.) You see, any place where the people aren’t rich and\or white is (according to Trump) a “shithole” country.

That’s what he said.

Of course he denied saying it but it was recorded, for all to see, again and again. What must it feel like to be from Haiti (the country to which Trump referred) and hear this asshole, the “leader” (and I use that term very loosely) of the free world talk like that?  I’m guessing it’s not very encouraging.

But I digress. Let’s get back to Rudy. Here’s a newsflash: Mr. Giuliani has a reputation for saying stupid stuff, no, I mean really, really stupid stuff.  Here are some examples:

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That’s a small sampling on the brainless idiocy that is Rudy G.

He’s the guy that’s going save Trump from the mean, nasty, and evil Mr. Mueller.

Yeah, right.



The Hypocrisy of the Religious Right Political Movement.


First and foremost, let me make it perfectly clear that I’m a hard-core atheist. Despite that, I find a great deal of truth in the (selected) teachings of Jesus.

Faith in Christ and in the Christian God were important parts of my life for over 10 years. During that time I spent a great deal of time and effort to read the Bible and learn it’s lessons both on my own and through group study.

The bottom line is  that I have more actual Biblical knowledge than most “Christians”.

This becomes very apparent when I observe the behavior of “Christian” political figures.

It would be easy for me to use my own Biblical knowledge to point out just how wrong headed, hypocritical, and outright wrong (in a scriptural context) most of the prevailing “Religious Right’s” views are.  But the words would be tainted by my own beliefs.

How fortunate that there are actual believers (and quite a few of them) who see the truth as plainly as I do.

Here’s one.  They see the sham that is today’s Christian Politics.

The Politics of Jesus by Harold Rhodes.



The Incredible Irony of Trump’s Revolution.


Several years ago (prior to President Obama) a friend and I were speculating on the potential for an armed revolution.

No we weren’t planning one, we were just discussing the possibility of one.

At that time we both had given up on the entire political process.  It appeared to be completely controlled by big money.  The average citizen appeared to be  powerless to have any real say in who gets elected to federal office.

We speculated that if things continued to get worse for the common working person, there would be a point where the heated liquid of overall public angst boiled over into outright armed rebellion, essentially a French revolution in the US.

But then President Obama was elected and I gradually allowed myself to believe that change was actually possible.

And then Trump was elected.

Certainly there were many factors that allowed that travesty to be possible. But as I observed the people who blindly followed Trump I came to a realization: Those people are exactly the ones that I saw as eventually overthrowing the federal government.  To them, Trump WAS the revolution.

They listened to him make promise after promise.  And ate up every word. This was their chance to take America back to whatever fictional reality they desired.

And all I saw was the terrible irony. Trump has repeatedly made his disdain and perhaps even disgust with anyone who isn’t a “Winner” very clear.

That boils down to being rich.

So if you aren’t rich, you’re nobody.

But his followers, like most of us, have the infinite capacity to unsee anything we don’t want to see.  So they saw what they so very wanted to see; Their savior.

The  painful irony is that he’s done nothing for the working person but has done much against them.

The trade war he’s rushing into will cause prices to fall and jobs to be lost. Companies will close and lives will be destroyed.

For no good reason.

And his blind followers will continue to believe.

There is a part of me that thinks there will come a point in every one of their lives when they are slapped in the face with the actual reality (and consequences) of his idiotic policies.

Maybe when they see friends lose their jobs, homes, lives, etc. Maybe when they lose theirs.

Or maybe never. The grim truth is that there’s always someone else to blame.

When the truth is what Trump says it is, reality is as ephemeral as the morning mist and just as tangible.


Trump the Chump – (nearly) One Year In.

Trump has surprised me in many different ways.  Perhaps the biggest surprise is his incredible level of stupidity. I’d forgotten that some people born to great wealth never see the need to seek knowledge, wisdom, or perspective. That seems to be Trump’s reason for being profoundly stupid. He learned early on that you can sell anything to anyone if you don’t mind lying. Trump obviously doesn’t mind lying. This is the second big surprise. From his well documented behavior, I knew he had a habit of making grand promises to close any deal with zero regard or intent of ever keeping said promises.  He’s not changed his approach at all.

And I suppose I can’t really be surprised at the behavior of his supporters.  Imagine how it must feel to have voted for this chump.  Imagine the effort it must take to ignore the obvious.  I can’t.

On the positive side, if you’d ever wanted to imagine a reality where you were much smarter that the POTUS, congratulations!  You are!  Almost all of us are. How ironic that the only people not smarter than this chump are the people that voted for him.

Who is Donald Trump?

How I came to see Trump.

young trump

My first exposure to Trump was probably in the late 80’s.  He was making a name for himself as a NY mover and shaker.  The pictures of him made him appear to be an urbane and cultured gentleman.

And then I heard him speak.

I’m not sure of the year.  I think it was during an interview with Barbara Walters. He didn’t make a very good impression.

He was going through a divorce from Ivanka, his first wife.  Gone was the urbane and cultured gentleman.  He sounded rude, arrogant, and ignorant.  He said something during that interview that made me understand his profound ignorance, stupidity, and arrogance. Barbara asked if there was no way he and Ivanka could work out their differences. (She was divorcing him because he had been seeing another woman.) He said something that has stuck with me throughout the years. It says more about him than any of the smoke and bluster he’s said through the years.

He said (paraphrasing here) he didn’t think he should have to work at it.


Chances are, if you are married or know anything about being married, you understand that it’s not all peaches and ice cream.  It takes work.  A lot of it.  Hard work, pain, sacrifice, and commitment.

Trump’s words made it clear he didn’t get any of that.  Throughout the years, he’s done nothing to change that impression.  He’s never given the impression of being thoughtful or intellectual.

And today anyone with any shred of an open mind can see him for the charlatan he is.  Google him and you’ll see the hundreds of times he’s screwed people out of their money.  You’ll see the hundreds of times he’s lied and been caught lying.  You’ll see him bragging about cheating on his wives.

This man is not worthy of public office.

Frankly, he’s not worthy of anyone’s attention.

There is a Nut Job in the White House. But it’s not Mr. Comey.

In which out idiot-in-chief embarrasses himself, the Russians, and all Americans with his middle-school mentality.


According to the NY Times, “President Trump told Russian officials in the Oval Office this month that firing the F.B.I. director, James B. Comey, had relieved “great pressure” on him.”

Trump dazzled the officials with his mastery of tact by (allegedly) saying “I just fired the head of the F.B.I. He was crazy, a real nut job,”.


He then went on to say “I faced great pressure because of Russia. That’s taken off.” and “I’m not under investigation.”

Let that sink in a moment.

Let’s recap:

  • Trump calls the former F.B.I. head “crazy” and “a real nut job”
  • Trump tells the Russians he was under great pressure
  • Trump says firing Comey relieved that pressure
  • Trump says he’s no longer under investigation.

How does any of this make sense? There’s only one scenario where it might; Trump thinks the Russians are as stupid and clueless as he is.

Somehow he thinks that the Russians don’t read, only watch Fox news, and live in Trumpland where everything Trump says is true.

One can only imagine what the Russians thought.

I have no words.


Has Rosenstein Redeemed himself?

I hope so.

MuellerWe could all use just a bit of good news. And this can only be viewed as good news. In the wake of countless Trump toadies spinning the infinite threads of deceit in the vain attempt to make Trump look something like a human, it is so refreshing for someone like Rosenstein, who had seemed to be a prime member of the Trump Toady Team, to do something so remarkable.

According to the LA Times “The Justice Department on Wednesday named a special counsel, former FBI Director Robert Mueller III, to take over the investigation of Russian meddling in the 2016 election and possible collusion between Russian agents and associates of President Trump.” Sounds like good news to me.

Mr. Mueller is that rare individual who has the trust and admiration of insiders, outsiders, Democrats, and Republicans alike. He appears to be the man who can wade through the murky waters of Washington ethical muck and remain ethically and morally unscathed.  In other words, he’s the polar opposite of Trump.

He’s known as someone who can quickly and simply move forward to get to the truth of potential Russian involvement in the election and possible Trump campaign involvement.

This is a very good thing.

We could all use a little bit of good, honest action towards either dispersing the question of Russian influence or identifying it’s particulars.

One can only hope that further attempts to delay\obstruct\obfuscate the investigation by Trump, his toadies, or the silent Republicans will be minimal.

Forgive me if I’m not optimistic regarding that last idea.