Who is Donald Trump?

How I came to see Trump.


young trump

My first exposure to Trump was probably in the late 80’s.  He was making a name for himself as a NY mover and shaker.  The pictures of him made him appear to be an urbane and cultured gentleman.

And then I heard him speak.

I’m not sure of the year.  I think it was during an interview with Barbara Walters. He didn’t make a very good impression.

He was going through a divorce from Ivanka, his first wife.  Gone was the urbane and cultured gentleman.  He sounded rude, arrogant, and ignorant.  He said something during that interview that made me understand his profound ignorance, stupidity, and arrogance. Barbara asked if there was no way he and Ivanka could work out their differences. (She was divorcing him because he had been seeing another woman.) He said something that has stuck with me throughout the years. It says more about him than any of the smoke and bluster he’s said through the years.

He said (paraphrasing here) he didn’t think he should have to work at it.


Chances are, if you are married or know anything about being married, you understand that it’s not all peaches and ice cream.  It takes work.  A lot of it.  Hard work, pain, sacrifice, and commitment.

Trump’s words made it clear he didn’t get any of that.  Throughout the years, he’s done nothing to change that impression.  He’s never given the impression of being thoughtful or intellectual.

And today anyone with any shred of an open mind can see him for the charlatan he is.  Google him and you’ll see the hundreds of times he’s screwed people out of their money.  You’ll see the hundreds of times he’s lied and been caught lying.  You’ll see him bragging about cheating on his wives.

This man is not worthy of public office.

Frankly, he’s not worthy of anyone’s attention.

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