Wonder Woman – Why we need her right now.

DC (finally) does it right.


I feel a particularly wonderful kind of joy when the concept of selfless heroism is portrayed well in a movie.  The first time I can recall feeling this was in Star Wars when Luke grabs Leah and swings across a chasm in the Death Star.

I’ve felt it many times since. Just hearing the intro for Doctor Who (any season) sends me into a giddy, joy-filled state.  In most movies, I get to enjoy this feeling maybe once or twice.

I spent nearly the entire time watching the amazing “Wonder Woman” movie feeling this profound joy. This movie may not be perfect for everyone.  But it is perfect for me. I loved the story, the characters, the pacing, the visuals, the sound design, the music.  There’s no part of the movie that felt wrong to me. I can’t wait to see it again.

If you haven’t seen the movie, please be aware that I’m going to drop a serious spoiler next.  I’d strongly suggest you go see the movie now.  I mean RIGHT now.


We learn that Diana is no ordinary Amazon.  She is a god (or perhaps a goddess). She is the god-killer Zeus created to protect the world from Ares.

This is a critically important idea in a universe that generally disputes the very idea of supernatural beings with enough power to be called a god. In the comic book universe (or perhaps the super hero universe) super heroes have supplanted the overall purpose of gods.  The cries and pleadings of the weak and powerless go not to the gods but to Superman, Batman, Spider-man, etc.  These new gods are expected to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

And yet into this world comes a true god.  And not just any old god, but a female god. One who looks at mankind and sees the darkness and potential for great evil and does not turn away.  Diana understands her purpose. It’s not enough to simply protect the weak, imperfect creatures of the Earth.  She must also help them understand and manifest the positive, the strong, the hero in their own lives.

And this is why this message is so very important right now.  We need Wonder Woman now because we’ve become lost in an endless cycle of disappointment and betrayal. We’ve trusted our leaders to make the right decisions to turn this troubled nation around.  And they have failed time and time again.

Diana understood that doing the right thing was not something someone else could or might do.  It was what she had to do. Because she could.

We must accept the responsibility of our own future…our own destiny.  We must make our own way.  And we must begin to make our own way today.

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